We're all Kotlin

Every day there is more and more activity around Kotlin, and we want to help foster and grow the community in any way we can. Here you can find online resources, as well as offline events and talks in your area. And if you can't find one, create one. We're here to help!

Kotlin Real-life Activities

  1. Local Kotlin User Groups are a place to share experience between Kotlin programmers and to get newcomers excited about the language. Successful user groups typically hold regular meetings.
  2. Kotlin Nights are one-off events that usually include 3-4 talks on Kotlin. The talks should be dedicated to technology, either to Kotlin or to some other compatible approaches, and not be focused on marketing, sales or product promotion.

Kotlin Online Resources

Community-Maintained Resources

  1. Kotlin.link — almost a complete list of links to Kotlin projects, libraries and other resources
  2. Kotlin Weekly — a weekly mailing list containing latest notable news and articles
  3. The daily Kotlin — Daily Kotlin news and tips
  4. Kotlin Jobs — available jobs for Kotlin Developers